The Playing Field

Every googled the definition of data?

More than likely you would end up with something like this

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The definition on the right really does not make it any better.

Think of it this way… Shakespear said that the world is a stage. Stemming from an entrepreneurial background, I see the world as more so a game than a stage. It’s a playing field.

One where you can easily find these three things:

  1. Desire- We will always want. This is our target or our goal.
  2. Competition- We will find people wanting the same thing. They can either be collaborators, but usually, they turn out to be the people we compete against.
  3. Rules and Regulations- Often seen as barriers, but they are there to bring some form of a levelled playing field.

As with any game, you need to understand the rules, understand your target, and understand other players. Once you have that knowledge, you have significantly increased your chances of winning the game you have decided to play.

Data simply put is knowledge and information compiled– on any subject or concept. 

Data in its essence is understanding the playing field and strategically using that information to help you win the game.

Whoever came up with that quote- ‘Knowledge is power’ was a genius.

This Chapter on understanding the playing field is so you can grasp the concept of the use of data.

Stay tuned for more.