About Mind Your Data

Albert Einstein is believed to have said

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

It’s nice to have fancy jargon and terms to throw around, but simplicity always trumps complexity.

We have entered the Digitial Revolution where everything we do links back to data. So in order to make strides in this era- we need data and information for effective decision making.

We need effective decision making for government and policy initiatives, large corporate decision making, social impact projects, social media postings, down to how we stock up for the corner stands and snow cone vending machines that we all love to visit.

This blog is to give you simple tips on how you can use information and data to win.


No fancy schmancy jargon. Just ways you can get the most out of your data, with short snippets of content, animated graphics and quirky humour.

Click on any one of the options on the side, and let’s begin our fun journey with data.